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International Women’s Day – Success

On Friday 7th March 2014 Torrington Drive Community Association (TDCA) held an Event to Celebrate International Women’s Day.

The Mind Body & Soul Event took place in the New Hutte Neighbourhood Centre.

The aim of the event was to focus of celebration for women, and to focus on services and the wellbeing of women in the community and to offer women free Holistic Therapies and some Hair and Nail Treatments.

This was the first time TDCA held an event for International Women’s Day, it was organised by their Community Development Officer Tina Pomphrett. This involved working with a group of women to help organise the event, who recently completed a six week Taster Course (Parent’s towards Employment) which was also facilitated, organised and developed by TDCA Development Officer (TP).

We worked with our local Partners Halewood Children’s Centres, to provide childcare, and Knowsley Council’s Community Development Officer to provide practical hands on support on the day. We invited various organisations, Community Midwives Programme, CAB, Women’s Organisation, Job Centre Plus, FACE, Knowsley Community College, City Health Partnership, PSS Liverpool, Halewood Children’s Centres, Family Service Project,  who  support women and families to participate through providing information stands; we also invited local Holistic Therapists to provide the therapies, and Knowsley Community College to provide students to do the Hair & Nail Treatments. 


The Mind Body & Soul Event was a great success, with over 100 Women attending between 10am & 2pm, receiving Information, Holistic Therapies and Hair & Nail Treatments. The feedback from the women was very positive especially in relation to the Therapies & Treatment as quite a number of women had never experienced some of the therapies before.

It was a great opportunity for the TDCA and Partnership working between the community/voluntary sector and the public sector, as it highlighted the importance, relevance and benefits to our local communities.

Some Quotes from the Women whom attend on Day:

‘’ This is a great event, and great facility and lots of women could benefit from this event and this centre & café as it is somewhere for them to come to get involved and find out what’s happening in the area.’’

‘’ Reiki treatment was so relaxing ‘’

‘’It was great to come here and to be pampered’’

‘’I would love more opportunities or days like this throughout the year as it concentrated on women and it made me feel appreciated ‘’

‘’ The best bit for me was getting my hair done’’

‘’ It was a very successful day and gave me the opportunity to practice my expertise, to keep my skills fresh and offer it to other women in the Community ‘’

Thank You

Torrington Drive Community Association would like to take this opportunity to thank all who participated in the Event, from the Therapists, community/voluntary sector, the public sector, and most of all to the Women who attended on the Day. 


To view a selection of photos from the day please click here