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The Green Room



The Green Room Community Cafe has been established since 2008, when it was created through a partnership of organisation lead by a locally based social enterprise known as Create.

It’s ultimate aim was to provide hands on experience, skills and qualified training to long term unemployed young people from the local area, whilst offering affordable meals and refreshments to members of our local community.

In 2011 the board of directors at Create were forced to make a decision to close the facility, due to withdrawal of funds from central government. Up to this point the facility had trained over 30 local young people and equipped them with the skills required for work.

TDCA felt that the facility was now very much part of daily life for many of our residents, in particular those who were socially isolated. It was agreed that we would work closely along side colleagues at Create to ensure the effective transition of ownership and management to TDCA.

This was the first time any of the members from TDCA had run a business, and was a huge step in the ocean for such a small organisation. As a small community based organisation TDCA is extremely proud to have taken the step, as it continues to go from strength to strength.

The Current Day

The facility is open to members of the public 6 days a week (opening hours below) managed by one part time member of staff and volunteers. The Cafe is based within a busy multifunctional community building, which offers visitors plenty of opportunities to engage in.

The Cafe now has free WIFI following a successful piece of partnership work.

Feel free to come and visit or contact us for more details.